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An-Chi Hung

Taipei City /Taiwan (R.O.C.)


10/2014-     Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

                        Diplomstudium Freie Kunst, bei Prof. Gregor Schneider

09/2008-07/2012     Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Crafts and Creative Design, in Taiwan

Work Experiences:                                                       

02/2010-02/2011 Research Assistant, Traditional Crafts & Creative Design Dept., NUK

  • Compiled research chronicles, titled “Life History of Women in Military Dependents’ Villages”


06/2016 Bronze Prize, Breath-The Gasping Desire, The Paris Photography Prize

05/2012 2nd and 3nd Place Award, Film Critic Writing Competition, 

General Education Center, Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City

04/2011 Nominated Award, Crystallographic Plane Packaging Paper Design, 

Yixing Design Company

08/2009 Product Image Design Excellence Award

Women Entrepreneur Association of Kaohsiung


6/2015-20 Kunstakademie Rundgang, Düsseldorf

  • Red Code

6/2014 Begin Again Exhibition, Re-Open Edu.

  • I suppose

6/2012 Youth Art Exhibition, Kaohsiung Cultural Center

  • Assorted Works

6/2012 Shishinan Military Community Exhibition, Taipei 

  • Theme—A Nostalgic Reflection

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