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Part 1: Perceived Recollection

In 1949, a large number of Nationalist troops (Kuomintang) fled from mainland China to Taiwan and picked up the pieces of their lives on the island. These refugees formed a unique military community culture which is transient, waiting for the opportunity to honorably return to their homeland in China which never materialized. However, in 1990, the government in Taiwan pushed for gentrification to renew many old cities which caused a loss of the unique military community cultural heritage. Houses and villages were destroyed and invaluable memories are forever gone.

1949年,中國大陸有百萬軍眷人員因國民黨政府的敗退被迫遷台,這些語言、飲食、生活習慣殊異的移民者在政府協助下,自成聚落,獨立而居,形成特殊的「眷村文化」。 1990年後,隨著都市更新,眷村聚落逐步消失。


Part 2: Remembrance Previews of Old Photos

In the homes of military community, we can find old photos carefully hung on walls. Grandma Lu from Fuxing Military Community once said, “Photographs were not common in the past, only on momentous occasions, did we go to the photo shop to take pictures to commemorate the event”. Life at the community, much like these photos, is now only remnants of the past. Therefore, I dedicated Binding Roots by framing the photos in faded, nostalgic prints as prelude to my Perceived Recollection work when the community was subject to demolition by the government. This piece is a juxtaposition of the remembrance photos in homes of military community.

Part 3: Days of Tomorrow

A continuation work to Remembrance Previews of Old Photos, I incorporated the photo shoots into calendar for the residents of the Military Community; however, the project was incomplete as the community faced demolition.